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April 20, 2010

The dream starts turning sour

Posted on 20/04/2010

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While his fans remain defiantly and loyally optimistic, there is no hiding the fact real concerns are growing over the wisdom of Michael Schumacher’s comeback.

Four races into the season and he has yet to make a real impression with only a sixth-place finish in the opening race in Bahrain to speak of – a brace of tenths and a DNF were his other returns. It is early days and there are questions about the set-up of the Mercedes, but even Schumacher’s new-found casual demeanour cannot hide the doubts.

Perhaps the most damning comment came inadvertently from Lewis Hamilton. In the aftermath of Sunday’s race, the media asked him about his brief tussle with Schumacher, clearly looking for the angle that it was an honour to be battling with the seven-time champion. "It's just as exciting as racing with any other driver," Hamilton replied. A legend no longer in a recent champion's eyes, just another car to be passed.

There were glimpses of the old Schumacher in Shanghai, clinically closing gaps when he risked being overtaken, but they were flickering glimmers of what he used to be and he was soon passed.

It’s a more competitive grid than it was during his Ferrari heyday. There are several potential world champions and four teams there or thereabouts. What is more, the technology has moved on and while his rivals have grown up with the changes, he has had to adapt.

His fans hold out hope that things will change in Europe, that the Mercedes set-up will be changed in his favour. However, with Nico Rosberg, consistently faster in practice, qualifying and during races, sitting second in the drivers’ standings the time may have come when the team prepares the car to suit him and not his team-mate.

Whatever the eventual outcome of the comeback, Schumacher is and will always be an F1 giant and his reappearance has only served to spice up the season. But unless things change he will also not be the first or last sportsman to have believed he could turn back the clock and enjoy one last tilt at the windmill, only to find the world had moved on.


Posted by Riza on 20/04/2010

WOW!!! "A legend no longer, just another car to be passed." WOW WOW WOW!!! Did Hamilton really said that???

I may not be the biggest fan of Schummy, but come on Lewis.. who do you think you are? You maybe fast for now, yes you're a champion also but you're not even close to one of the best.. LMAO

Why? Because all the best champs up there, even if some of them maybe had done cheating but they never lied.., there's a big different between cheating or not telling and lie. No body's perfect everybody made mistakes, but obviously everyone knows.. the most humiliating thing is if you get caught when you lied.

So if Hamilton considers himself as becoming the best just by passing Schummy, I don't think so.. cause for me.. he still THE WORLD LIAR CHAMPION

Grow up man and watch your mouth, that's all you need to prove.., cause the rest of the world who decides whose the legend and whose not, not a liar.., is that so hard to understood?? :D

Posted by jack on 20/04/2010

Hamilton didn't say "A legend no longer, just another car to be passed". He said "It's just as exciting as racing with any other driver," . Take a look at WHERE the double quotations ( " ) are. Its the author who said "A legend no longer, just another car to be passed". Hamilton may have lied, but who hasn't? Lying is not driving. He is still a great driver.

Posted by john on 20/04/2010

"You maybe fast for now..." come on riza. being past by fduct running mclarens, who are currently superior to team mercedes, does not make a passed pilot slower or the benefactor faster. hamilton, his entire f1 career, has been spoilt by mclaren in which his car is good for front running, most of the time. so it then annoys when he goes on about tougher choice nonsense as he bested by teammate, out qualified 3 of 4 races. imo that has NOTHING to do with making the tougher choice. the newcomer to mclaren has shown he is at least hamilton's equal and it time for him to shut up. hamilton is the most over-hyped athlete I have ever read about, so it is good to see his teammate, a mid pack runner for most of his career, handing it to him. hopefully some of his delirious fans will take a step back regarding his promoted god like status. he is mistake prone and spoiled by mclaren.

Posted by tuvok on 20/04/2010

Unfortunately, he maybe will have a few bright moments during the season, but, what saddens me is that there is no element of his once famous style of driving, it s like he s doing it because he has to do it, and would rather be sitting on a yacht drinking something....i m also sad , because , people as they are, will start questioning his past time accomplishments, etc.... i just remember what he did in early 90's to his opponents, and now he s getting the same treatment back, with a difference, that those were gentleman times , and this, today, is a period of people without any manner. shame on you lewis, for all you did, KID !

Posted by GeSchmidtt on 20/04/2010

I didn't think the article was about Hamilton. He is who he is, a very quick driver in one of the best cars. I agree with the blogger, Schumacher is definitely behind the curve right now as he has to adapt to the car, rather than evolve with it like the other drivers. Regardless, given the amount of time he has had in the car, he is doing an admirable job. But things like twitch factor, and endurance do fade with age, no matter what kind of shape you are in. Not all of the comeback-from-retirement stories end up being Cinderella stories. If Schuey ends up being 4th or 5th in the driver championship this year, I would say he will have had a very successful year.

Posted by Robin on 20/04/2010

I find it most distasteful that comments on these blogs that some fans make and are so bent out of shape about some drivers,unless you have raced and in particular driven an F1 car most of what they say is ridiculous.

Hamilton and Alonso are both very fast and aggressive drivers, in the current formula looking after your tires is very important it is difficult to do both.

As to Michael he came to a team that already had built the cars around different drivers it seems as we know he likes a more pointy setup. We have seen many times as with Honda the car makes all the difference, I think it is far too early to write of one of the greatest drivers there has been.

And enjoy the racing rather than taking snide attacks on drivers who are not your favorite

Posted by Moe on 20/04/2010

People were expecting the guy to go out there and blitz the rest of the field, when it simply wouldn't happen. Forget that his car may not be up to par, and that he's been away from the track for three years, there's also the fact the grid was nowhere near as competitive as it is now. The only time Schumacher was really put to the test in his Ferrari days was with Hakinnen (early on), and with Alonso (near the end). Now he's got a whole raft of challengers to deal with.

Posted by eurit35 on 20/04/2010

I am not saddened at all... It already seemed Schu will escape punishment for all the tricks, bad behavior and evil he has brought to F1 (more than all other drivers together) - but, somehow, it was his own decision to return... Always overrated (he was great, but never the best!), he even receives 35 million € per year for under-performing? It is Mercedes who should be saddened for spending one seat into emptiness... Hamilton was just realistic - schu means nothing to him or the others. Lewis, Jenson, Fernando and Nico will eat him for breakfast now, when he has no more access to all the then forbidden electronic gadgets which gave him some 3-4 undeserved championships. And worse it gets, more nervous he becomes - and he makes mistakes! What I am really sorry about is that I cannot see his face under the helmet, becoming longer and longer. He is THE loser this year and he has no one to blame for... Just one thing missing: the revenge of Barrichello - I am looking forward seeing it!

Posted by Mark in Florida on 20/04/2010

Not to sound repetitive,but I still think that it will take till mid season to regain most of his form.Remember Fiscicella? you can`t just jump into even a fast car that you are not familiar with.These cars handle very differently now than they did during Michaels prime.Until someone proves to me that Michael has suffered complete brain death I believe that he will adjust to the new car.It only shows that the testing bans hurts the sport in the long run...Gone from the sport three years and still able to score points,maybe not the world crushing reaperance some hoped for but lets keep it real.

Posted by Andres on 20/04/2010

We all wanted to see what schumacher could do out of Ferrari...... now we know!!!

Posted by Ore2 on 20/04/2010

F1 is not just about the driver, if the car is crap, there is no way to win over a far superior car. You might be able to defend a few corners, but that's about it.

Adrain Newey is a genius designer, and the RB5 & RB6 has proven to be very very fast. When he was with Mclaren, they always have very good machines. It is not surprise that many in the mclaren teams learn tons from him.

The team at Mercedes came from the old Brawn/ Honda/BAR and they have never been able to produce amazing race machine, last year they were lucky that they found the double difusser loop hole.

Before Jenson won the Championship last year, he was at the back most of the time, so stop expecting too much.

Posted by Furqan on 20/04/2010

Its time like these when i start to fear whether this was a right call or not. You exit the sport with your head held high. Now what are you coming back to prove? A strict Schumi fan, i now begin to fear that this may be the down fall of arguably one the greatest drivers the sport has ever produced. Now people start to question, was it the car back then? Was it a uncompetitive grid? People soon forget the good and start criticizing. Fact is straight, the sport has evolved and so has the drivers. Staying 3 years out is not really helping things. Looking at China, Nico put up a much better fight with Lewis as compared to Schumi. Looking at the facts, its an open secret, however a die hard schumi fan I so hope and pray for a miracle to see his famous jump on the podium again!!!

Posted by spudw on 20/04/2010

I've always been one of those for whom Schumi is the one I love to hate. And I have to admit, I am enjoying Rosberg's success relative to his team mate, particularly given that Nico was shown little respect by Michael (at least in the media) at the begining of the season.

That said, it is shocking and a little sad to see an icon with such a great record have so much trouble making an impression on the field.

I don't doubt there will be some flashes of brilliance, and he may win a race or two before he hangs up his helmet for good, but I'm sure any expectation that he would return to his former dominance is all but entirely past now. The other seven drivers in the top four teams (as well as Kubica in the Renault) are simply too talented to be dominated by a 41-year-old that has been away for three seasons.

Posted by Carlos on 20/04/2010

There is only one Michael Schumacher! A Legend!!!!
Hamilton still has no idea how to wipe his own... nose!. Many drivers may say something and the press just add a few adjectives so people like us read it.
I'm sure Michael as competitive he's is not happy with his results and his car. There are more races to go he may just win a few races by just skills when he's back in Europe.

Posted by Kunal on 20/04/2010

Mercedes should give him a car that suits him!!!
That's what Ferrari did, push the regulation limits. Ross Brawn knows it better and I seriously hope they give him a good cart for Europe races because we want to see him battling with Hamilton, Nico, Alonso and the R.B's...

Posted by Anonymous on 20/04/2010

Lack of pre-season testing has made it impossible for Schumi to gain familiarity with the new F1 cars, else he would have been pounding the track to get the car to his liking. He now has to use the races to as practice.

Posted by Bjorn on 20/04/2010

Cars are very close in performance now, that gives more contenders on the grid. The Mercedes was not built for Schumi like the Benettons and Ferraris were. If Mercedes does put a 'B'-spec car out there, I'm sure Ross Brawn has made sure it's closer to Schumi-specs than the current.

It may also be the case that Schumi never had a team mate of the same caliber as Nico... he's got good genes and probably a well paced upbringing.

Most important would be that tyres have changed since the tyre war ended, that will take some time getting used to... and Schumi isn't getting the amount of practice he used to so learning will be slow. Maybe too little private playground for him to test things out on to catch up? We'll see at the end of the season... when he knows how to set up the car he's got and more about how not to burn the tyres...

Posted by John B on 20/04/2010

It's NOT true that Schumacher was only tested in his Ferrari career the years he lost... 2000 was just as close as 98 and 99 and remember 2003 he had to work hard for it too. In fact 2002 and 2004 were the only years he really had the massive car advantage people say he had all the time. And I agree it's arrogant of Hamilton to talk about him like 'just another car' when Hamilton has proved especially this year he's not half the driver Schumacher was/is.

However, I can't help but think Mercedes would be higher in the standings if Nick Heidfeld was in the other car, as given the races we've had, Quick Nick could surely have gotten a podium or two in there. Nick deserves one drive this year just to see.

Posted by Chris on 20/04/2010

I think people forget what Schumacher did with Ferrari...which was spent lots of time and helping the development of the car with the team. It's too early for him to really be able to do that, and he has a good teammate who isn't automatically going to play as a sidekick, like in the old Ferrari days.

Also, like many other teams struggling, NO in-season testing hurts all things IMO and it really needs to be changed for the good of the sport.

Posted by VAL P on 20/04/2010

Lets all remember that he has been off the race track for 3 YEARS!!!! and many things have changed.

Love him or hate Schumi is the best ever PERIOD.

Posted by Jimmy on 20/04/2010

Hamilton isn't that great of a driver. He's just been lucky. What has he done to make him a good driver. NOTHING. A good drier is someone who can do what no other driver can. Example-Mass, After what happened to him last year. Look at what his doing now. No one can come back that fast and still drive like nothing ever happened. Sutill with Force india. Has anyone seen what he is doing with Force India. I bet Hamilton wouldn't be able to drive a force Indai car that good.

Posted by Dave Aston on 21/04/2010

Lauda finished behind his teammate, John Watson, during the first two years of his comeback. In '82, Watson was 2nd, Lauda 5th. In '83, Watson was 6th, Lauda 10th. When the championship was there to be won in '84, Lauda managed to beat his teammate, Alain Prost, and take it. I disagree that the field is more competitive now than when Schumacher was winning races, against Prost, Senna, Piquet, Mansell, Hill, Villeneuve, Hakkinen, Coulthard, Alonso. Give Schumacher time, writing him off now is extremely premature.

Posted by gsprings on 21/04/2010

people seem to be getting mad at hamilton's comments, considering shumachers performance I think hamilton's comments were fair,

Posted by Zaman Khan on 21/04/2010

I find some of these comments ridiculous. Simply put, Hamilton is one of the best in the current crop of drivers. He had inspiring drives in all four races so far. Button is no match and will easily be beaten by Hamilton.

Posted by Robert on 21/04/2010

I expected this, it is no secret that MS is very interested in technology (remember him inspecting Mika's/Coult mclaren after each race?). His main role at mercedes is to develop and improve the car and Ross hired him for these specific skills. At this time racing is secondary and I wouldn't be surprised if MS is driving a different car than the one that Nico is driving, remember that it took years for MS to take ferrari to the promised land.

As the mercedes becomes more competitive perhaps later this year or next year we will see excitement that we have been waiting for.

Posted by Ironman on 21/04/2010

Michael's having it hard adjusting to the arcade-like cars of today versus the type of machinery he had even just 3 years ago. His style is to throw the car into corners very similar to Alonso's style. Take away the Ferrari engine and you'd find Alonso down several places fighting with Schumacher for the last point each race to date. Why do you all think his tires aren't lasting? He just needs to refine his approach!

I'm 40+ and I really hope he shows them young-bucks a thing or 2 or else my ego, pride, and faith in 40-year-old power will fade like his tires.

He's still great, it will be revealed as the season progresses. And really, it's NOT up to the media, it's up to the Merc CEO and Ross Brawn to decide whether he's good enough to stay with them and finish his contract for 2 more seasons after this.

Posted by RL on 21/04/2010

I agree with Moe

Schu won a few of his championships when there were no real challengers. 94-95-96 he beat Hill 2/3 times and really only deserved one of them (94 was not deserved). He lost to Villeneuve fair and square in 97. He lost to Hakkinen in 98, skip 99, he did finally beat Hakkinen in 2000, then had no real challenger in 01, 02.. in 03 he had a challenger and won.. I will give him that. 04 was too easy, and he lost fair and square in 2005 and 06.

He just happened to have had a competitive car for 12 consecutive seasons (14 if you count 92 and 93). Who else can say that. Of course he got all those records. I am not knocking what he did, but if Hakkinen was with the best team (or close to it) for 12-13-14 years... he would have done the same thing.

He's just another driver. A good one, but not superhuman.

There, I've said it.

Posted by Kozeyekan on 21/04/2010

Schumacher is not an exceptionally talented driver, his main advantage is that he is more prepared than anyone else. He spends an amazing amount of time planning, walking the track, simulating moves, he's a true professional.
Now though, most drivers use the same techniques.
It was always going to take Schumacher a while to pick up where he left off. He's someone who works hard for his results, not a freak natural talent like, say, Ayrton Senna.
I'd be happy to put money on him standing on the podium before the end of the season, because no matter who you are, there is no replacement for actual racing experience.

Posted by Rider on 21/04/2010

We are just done with the first few races, so lets wait and watch before we start forming opinions about Schumacher!

Posted by emil - Adelaide Australia on 21/04/2010

Schumacher is still the GREATEST..... Just wait a bit longer.

Did you all know that Shumi's car had a brocken Chassis? That was the reason his tyres were gone in 10 laps.......consider this point friends....please

Posted by 200MPH on 21/04/2010

Schumey has done some amazing things in the past but, did he win the WDC the first year of his career? Did he win the second year of his career? Hamilton should have, and did (prospectively). Hamilton won arguably amongst a much tougher more competitive field (and with FIA unbiased). Schumey won 7 WDC's (against inferior drivers and teams)but I've only witnessed 4 that he rightfully earned. The unfair bias of the FIA (namely Max Mosley) and Ferrari (team orders) gifted 3 WDC's to Mike. The record books may say that Mr. Schumacher is the greatest but I say he is just "one" of the greatest. Lucky to be at the right place at the right time (driving Ferrari), lucky to be amicable amongst peers (and fans), lucky to be Max's bee'atch (to settle a score with Ron Dennis). I am glad to see Michael back in the game. Now he can observe first hand what it is like to drive without having a different set of FIA rules than everyone else.

Posted by Steve on 21/04/2010

Michael has always hated a car that understeers a lot; and this car is understeering like a tank...

the shorter wheelbase and the front tires are completely against his liking....

the b-spec merc coming will have a longer wheelbase...

michael is still a very very good driver.... watch the qualifying at monaco 1996 or china 2006,

remember, we're talking about a blink of an eye difference, and that is something, that doesnt just fall into place overnight....

and the no testing really sucks... but, michael will get there, dont worry about that

Posted by LLOYD on 21/04/2010

I think hamilton is far too excited passing others car and never looks who drive's it, that's why he's passing a word without even thinking of it, well i think he may passed the man in other car, but he'll never get even lap or a single grand prix nearer to the the achievement by the most succesfull driver of of the sports. (HAMILTON WHO ARE YOU BY NOW"

Posted by Ayan on 21/04/2010

I think schumi will be competetive in last leg of the season, moreover this is a button barrichelo "build" car,that doesn't mean the car is bad but it just doesn't suit schumi's style,next year should probably be better where he would have adapted himself to the surroundings n the car will be the one HE helped developing. Out of all the comments I have read the best one is of Adrian Sutil...he said that "it might sound funny but schumacher basically has to learn to drive f1 cars all over again"..i think he's a bit right..the cars are so different now and to all schumi fans like me...no need to be disheartened..see when last year he drove the f2008 in mugello.his lap times where very much there..reason being the F2008(shall i call it a raptor coz it really was one)was a car close to his 2006 car in majority of aspects most noticeable being the aerodynamic regulations. for most of the drivers this is there 2nd time in this sort of "ugly n weird" new cars n they are upto speed with it...

Posted by LLOYD on 21/04/2010

I think hamilton is far too excited passing others car and never looks who drive's it, that's why he's passing a word without even thinking of it, well i think he may passed the man in other car, but he'll never get even lap or a single grand prix nearer to the the achievement by the most succesfull driver of of the sports. (HAMILTON WHO ARE YOU BY NOW")

Posted by Mike on 21/04/2010

While I agree Lewis may not rub everyone the right way, neither did Schumi, Prost, Senna or even Mansell in their days. They were hated by some, loved by others. The fact remains that in 2010, Lewis is by far the best passer. He can overtake when no one else can - even Alonso pales in comparison. Review the last 4 races and its clear. And Riza, please learn how to read before you spew turdwords that makes you look like your IQ is 50 points lower than it already is.

Posted by Sam on 21/04/2010

It should not be a major surprise that Schumacher has thus far failed. He was beaten by mediochre drivers such as Barricello and Irvine in the same car on many occasions even when their strategies were set to purely benefit him. Remember Irvine nearly won the championship when Schumacher was injured and the focus was turned to him. Now without a soft and compliant team mate, Ferrari's vast superiority at the time and the now illegal excellent traction control he once had he is clearly struggling. Easily the most overated driver in history even though still probably worthy of being in the top ten of all time at his peak.

Posted by Uno on 21/04/2010

"It's just as exciting as racing with any other driver". What a phrase from ONE-time world champion. Anthony should have slap his mouth. Lewis Hamilton (as well as Alonso) are one of few F1 drivers who CANNOT accept the fact that Schumi is a 7-time F1 world champion. It is now a sour dream for Schumi, yet the one to be blamed is Mercedes top management ambition for an all-German team. Such ambition is ridiculous nowadays as we live no longer under the statutes of "Deutschland uber alles".

Posted by sergio on 21/04/2010

all of you are wrong! schumacher won 7 titles only because senna dies, and all his career was runing at the side of not top drivers like hill, villeneuve, irvine, coulthard, even hakkinen, and when alonso arrives to the top teams everything changes for him,losing the championship in two times against alonso in cars that are relatively similar in performance, but worst for schumacher is that as we can see this year alonso is not the great driver that everybody thinks!!

Posted by Ayan on 21/04/2010

these were schumacher's words at Monza 2006-"Of course I’m still physically fit and of course I’m still competitive now, but what about the next few years? I have never had the ambition to be an also-ran. That’s not my STYLE." I would say mark these words...

Posted by Redha on 21/04/2010

Michael must focus; he must have the determination to be back in a top form…. He must have eye of the tiger…. Like Rocky Balboa

Posted by Alex on 21/04/2010

'A legend no longer, just another car to be passed.'...What a statement! Does he think before he dishes out these ridiculous comments? This guy needs too much guidance. Who does he think he is talking about.I am not happy with Schumi leaving the RED legend but respect is respect!

Posted by callah on 21/04/2010

I am a big fan of MS. But I think I can be objective on this. The fact is that F1 changed in last three years more than in any other time of MS's career. Amount of pressure on his back is enormous. There is not enough time to set up the car and get used to it and it is even harder to remake the car to suite his style. We all expected a lot because we remember the old MS. But even he maybe was not aware how big this challenge is.

But if you consider his dedication and ability to do hard work and stay focused even when things go wrong, then you can be sure that, if he stays in F1 until the end of his contract, that he is going to be on top.

It is painful to see him now. And it is painful to hear comments how someone easily passed MS. But there will be always someone not able to see underneath the surface and going for big headlines. So I think is wrong to jump in to conclusion after every race. Lets wait until the end of the season. Than we will make objective conclusions.

Posted by Kabir on 21/04/2010

I think Schumi needs more time. However, this is seriousy unlike him. He used to be the type that adapts quickly to new cars or tracks. However, remember Fisichella when he changed cars to Ferrari? He only managed like last place most of the time when Kimi was clearly at least 10 places in front of him.

Furthermore, not racing for a long period obviously does take it's toll on someone. Luca Badoer demonstrated this clearly last year.

On the whole, there is a huge expectation on him. At the moment, he is not doing that badly. When the car is reliable, he is still scoring points. He's not in the stage where he is being lapped by other drivers and in comparison to Nico, well, I have a theory that the key reason why Nico is doing better now is because the setup of the car is to a certain extent very similar to what he was driving at Williams previously.

I think we should give him a whole season to adapt. Even Jordan's return to NBA didn't spark till the second season.

Posted by edmond villa on 21/04/2010

the mercedes team is too stoic. michael needs that red uniform, that red car, and the Italian team. that was the right chemstry that made him and the car so great!!!

Posted by Farid on 21/04/2010

Rosberg's engineer (Jock Clear) is better at setting up the car (previously barichello's engineer), still can remember how Button used to struggle towards the end of last season..why Schumi didnt request Jock Clear as his engineer? maybe he didnt like the fact that Jock worked with Villeneuve before...anyone?

Posted by Jean on 21/04/2010

The media is well known for exaggerating and this is no exception. I think Schumacher will spend this year understanding the new things in F1 (of which there are many) , and if they have a competitive car next year , he will win. Even for someone of his talent and experience , it would be ridiculous to expect he jumps in after the 3 year period off , and immediately starts to beat Rosberg - who after all is no bad driver himself. If that had happened , Rosbergs skill (and job) would have been under serious questioning.

Posted by Lemuton on 21/04/2010

It's more fun to see Schumi grow and fight from here than to see him dominate the races right the way. This is also why he is getting all the attention now and people are taking coz this is a rare production from him. I beleive there is flaw in the car itself and I am looking forward to the improvement once they replaced the chassis for the next race. It is just getting more exciting and I am sure the fire in Schumi is getting stronger than ever - he wants to prove it to himself more than anyone else. Let's sit tight and wait for the real show to come.

Posted by jsm51 on 21/04/2010

it has to be to early to judge MS we have only had four races of which he got bashed in one and had a mechanical failure in another, Monaco will be the test of his ability and skill, if he fails there then questions should be asked, i would expect even MS to agree he has a benchmark standard when it comes to Monaco and that is very very high, no excuses.

Posted by RODOLFO GONZALEZ on 21/04/2010

There is a simple test to find if Hamilton,Button or even Alonso deserve to be compared with the great drivers of the past:Put them in a 1957 Maserati and see if they can match Fangio's mesmerizing ending laps at the old Nurburgring.Or put them in a 1985 Lotus and see if they can match Senna's perfomance in the rain at Estoril.Or put them in a 1996 Ferrari and see if they can match Schumacher,s laps at Barcelona.Having fallowed F1 since 1954,i am not as easily impressed as some of Hamilton's fans by his drive from 20 on the grid to P6 :Barrichello got his first win from 19 on the grid,and John Watson made P1 from futher back on the grid.And neither of them are candidates for the best 20 drivers in F1

Posted by TonyD on 21/04/2010

IMO some of the expectations of what Schu would achieve have been unrealistic, like winning immediately or even being on the podium from the outset. Not being a betting man, or even an MS fan, I would still put money on the fact that he will achieve at least a podium sooner rather than later, him being as competitive as he is.

As Lemuton implies, the longer this takes, the more determined he will become. And when he gets the car set up to his liking, it's only going to add to the exitement of potentially the best season in recent memory.

Posted by Superfan on 21/04/2010

I wonder if Ferrari knew the risk would be too high to let MSC race for them last year and they 'released' him to Mercedes. Personally I think MSC may win one or two races this year - but that's the best he can hope for. How embarrasing.

Posted by Mike on 21/04/2010

7 times World champions is reality. No body has done it better than him. I have seen most of his seasons of his driving. I have seen more positive of him that negative as the media like to exaggerate negativity.
As of now, there are two possibilities. 1.) He is really an old man in this game. His eyes is no longer as sharp as he used to have. Then he will definitely not be able to improve further. Highly likely. Most men eyes deteriorate after 40! 2.)he has been off from racing for so many years, he need time to get himself back to the racing standard. Then he still have a chance to fight all the your man.

Don't be too hard on him. I admire his gut to make a come back after 40s!

Posted by RAM on 21/04/2010

It's a combination of MAN,MACHINE,TECHNOLOGY.Just 04 races have been completed. I am sure MS will bounce back with better CAR and ofcourse with lot of vigor and prove to the world that he is a TRUE Champion.

Posted by dare on 21/04/2010

This only proves how formula 1 changed and it is more of a technical sport. All races this season provided extra thrill only because of tyres and its a shame drivers cannot push 100% all the time because then they ruin their tyres and need to stop.

Nobody can do miracles in rain with used int. tyres.

Posted by TomR on 21/04/2010

1st part of season belongs to Rosberg, 2nd part of season will belong to Michael. It's about understanding the car, understanding the tyres, understanding how to optimize the set-up. Michael is still Michael, and I still expect him to win 1 or 2 races this season. Next season he will be battling for the championship.

Give him time to sort things out. Believe me, he and his engineers will work hard in this 3 weeks off. And a chassis flaw may not be such a stupid idea - like Brawn said: he's not loosing time in the diffecult corner's, it's the easy one's. Which is kind of hard to explain.

That said, Michael's driving style does wear on his rear tyres, but not excessively different to his rivals.

Keep it up Michael!

Posted by osxg4 on 21/04/2010

All comments posted by hypocritical idiot who can't accept that lewis is the only true racer should just stick their head in the sand and STOP!! watching F-1, and if you'll wounding I'm a Ferrari supporter and leave SM alone he has been retired for thee years it will take some time to rase his game.

Posted by Veteran from Pennsylvania on 21/04/2010

Why are we making so much of this? Back when MS was at his best, with the best car in the field, he didn't win every race. Now that he is past his prime and driving a much less dominate- if not "ho-hum" car, why do you think he should win everything now? Many people would pay a lot of money just to sit and talk with the guy, let alone watch the old Grand Master drive a F1 car in a race.
Having MS on the track brings stability and class to the series- along with the big bucks. MS is good for F1 and I hope to see him run another season or two regardless of weather he ends up on the podium ever again.

Posted by senna4ever on 21/04/2010

LOL oh leave Lewis alone, every young aspirating driver say stupid things BUT why should passing Schumacher be anything or different to passing Trulli or Massa or whoever.

Lewis is right, Schumacher was just another place to move up the track position. In any event any racing driver is only as great as NOW, past is past and future is future ..........

Schumi did well in his days, he can still do well and he will, if he doesnt then he doesnt, least he tried.

Posted by el caraqueño on 21/04/2010

7 times world champion? Well, easy without Senna, Prost and Mannsell in the middle. Until Alonso said "the bucket stops here"
Michael is good but remember cheating in Monaco, hitting Villeneuve and Hill when they were better than him. Remember the gifts from Barrichelo. Micheal time is gone with his good things and bad things as well.

Posted by Sinan on 21/04/2010

I think Hamilton talks too much. He is quick when driving perhaps, but clearly he is not that bright. It is simply ridiculous to judge Schumi after 4 races in a car which he could never drive before following a three year absence from racing. I believe, his season is just starting in Spain with a car developed with his input to suit his style. Schumi is a ultra hard worker if nothing else, and he will work very hard with his team to find the performance he desires. I just can't wait to see him really racing starting in Spain. Regards, Sinan.

Posted by coreyray76 on 21/04/2010

i always love to hear people bash MSC, especially ferrari fans, who now have a love affair with Alonso. how quickly they forget that alonso has been a thorn to teams he has been on it the past. very quick, but quick with a quick car, and that is true for everyone. michael was fast and consistent when the car he was provided allowed him to do so. it will take some time. as far as the ferrari fans who have quickly turned on their once hero for their once villian, remember it was alonso who said f1 was not a sport b/c of ferrari. it was alonso who was up to his neck in spy-gate and then crash-gate. don't be so quick to turn your back on the man who made ferrari great. also remember, you have been on a downhill slide since he left.

Posted by Riza on 21/04/2010

To Mike: FYI: The first time I read this blog, it was written on 3rd paragraph as: "A legend no longer, just another car to be passed", I didn't wrote that, I copied and pasted it before I typed the rest, and today it was changed to: "A legend no longer in a recent champion's eyes, just another car to be passed", please check the differents, which parts are missing?

The 3rd paragraph topic is about Hamilton's comment to Schummy, I may be not Schummy's biggest fan but I respects his achivements, I also made mistakes like everyone else, I may not be the smartest man on earth, but I don't lie.

Why don't you ask the moderator what was written there before it was edited?


Posted by ramzi on 21/04/2010

Hamilton my dear, it needs a man to do a mistake and it needs a greater to admit, also it needs a Schumi for seven world championship and a Michael Schumacher for a come back i think you have to thanks God you had and still have the honor to race with this man, cut out a bit of your ego

Posted by jmmen on 21/04/2010

Hamilton is a good driver, no doubt about it, but at the same time, has been benefit, by one, if not the fastest and more reliable car on the grid. Have to have in mind, that Hamilton has been in F1, how long?, 3 years..., that´s exactly the time that MSC has been out of the sport, isn´t not even fair to judge this situation. And besides, if not for a very soft approach of F1 authorities towards Hamilton driving, he would not has ended as high on the standing in some races, Alonso penalize for a milisecond start, Hamilton for almost crashing a car in the pitlane, a slap on the hand!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 21/04/2010

Seriously all of you listen to what you are saying... We all grew up under the wings of Schumi and he is the reason that most of us admire F1.. Hakkinen, Alonso, Raikonen, Massa, Hamilton and even button did not deliver the hype that he gave to the races regardless of his result. He was and still is the man to beat maybe not just in racing but with stats , titles and championships and so on and on.. A 40 year old man is an achievement and he is back just to proof it to himself that he still has it in him. He is slow now but at least not 2 seconds slow. I think if he decides to go through his 3 year deal with Mercedes he will achieve a lot more. All i hope he gets this year is a podium and that would be a major step. Don't forget SCHUMI is F1...

Posted by DB on 21/04/2010

Niki Lauder managed it after a long break - racing against younger people in the era when turbo engines mazde by Porsche changed McLarens fortunes.
And he was up against Prost an all time champ as team mate. The Williams Brabahams Renaults and Ferrarais were all winning cars.
Lauda had on eseason bedding in and then was on the pace from the bginning of the next season and won the championship by half a point and there were a lot quick cars and drivers and new technology.
Dont write off old Schummie yet!

Posted by Adam on 21/04/2010

Look back into the past! Schumacher a talented driver and i think he still need more time, to learn how to drive these cars with these narrower front tires. The in-season testing ban is a very big problem for him! Just remember the old times, when Ferrari needs to improve they did it on they own test track. There is huge difference between those days and now. He just can't practice. Now we look there's a big problem for him. He can't drive fast enough, specially at the accelerations from the slow corners. Now he needs to think about it, but in the past (with Ferrari) he and the team just go and try any of the situations, as well as many set-ups.

I'm disappointed about his results, but i think we need to wait until the middle of the 2011 season, and start discussing about his form again. When he will struggling, he will never be the same as before.

Posted by will on 21/04/2010

It may be that schumi can't find his feet, has no glimerings of the old style and I guess like every one thinks he'll never be the champion driver he was for so many years. But if only just one more victory (hopefuly spa) it could become one of his greatest and for me personaly after getting so much from the man, I will be satisfied.

Posted by gdub on 21/04/2010

I wonder why so many of the comments are about Hamilton when Schumacher is the focus of the article? Hamilton's comments were an aside, not the key. The fact is the great Schumi's team mate is second in the championship and he is no where!! Sorry can't blame the car. And to even suggest Hamilton is somehow getting soft treatment from the FIA for dubious driving in a conversation about Schumacher, who has gotten off lightly for some very dubious moments (including cheating!!) in his career, is very ironic.

Posted by Mark on 21/04/2010

There is no question that Schumacher has to get comfortable with the new car, tires etc. The stuff he did in the past to make the car "feel right" probably is the wrong thing with the new designs. If you really watchedthe China race, he was over-driving the car into the corners when trying to defend his position, and actually driving it in deeper than the other drivers. He didn't lose the car just over-drove it. That tells you that he still has the desire and the ability but not the knowledge. Let the B spec car that Mercedes has on the drawing board come to reality, if Michael still has trouble then, you can question him. For now be patient, he was never a foolish driver, and he always had a plan. He still does. We have all seen this with other drivers and situations, when the car does not suit the driver. Alonso at McLaren, Kubica at BMW/Sauber. Even Button last year at Brawn, lloked terrible when the car wasn't to his liking. Patience.

Posted by James on 21/04/2010

Don't forget Michael's first year with Ferrari. The car was OK, like the Mercedes is now, but it wasn't ready to run at the front. Nico is killing him right now, but Eddie Irvine likely would have killed Michael in early 1996 if Michael had been away for three years. I know our expectations are high for him, but three years is a really long time in motor racing. The Ferrari came around because Michael knows how to develop a car. In 1997, they were immediately a top team, one year after he showed up. Michael never said he expected to win in the first half of this season; the media said that. Sure, we want to see him on the podium now, but the fact is that it will take more time than we want. We just have to be patient. Two years from now, if Nico is still killing him, then this discussion will be totally different.

Posted by Jonas on 21/04/2010

Im not a big schumi fan but I am a follower. may we can think about it this way... history says schumi did not win with ferrari immediately. and we can say that the ferrari car was built around him during his career there. this year, the car was based on jenson's. and now jenson is not in brawn anymore. and nico has the same driving style as jenson that is why he adapted to his car in mercedes immediately. schumi is the aggressive one. and maybe next year if mercedes builds the car around him, he will begin his winning ways again. same can be said with alonso in renault. but now, it cannot be said with hamilton now that jenson is beating him.

let's just see when the time comes when the car is built around schumi again.

lets take note as well that the set-up and config in ferrari was totally different with what the new mercedes has. engine is different, tires are different, grip levels, tire wear, aero and so much more. if he perfects it, he will be on top once again.

Posted by Chilango Power on 21/04/2010

I dislike Schumacher a lot, but I think it is unfair to question his potential at this point. The season is still young and the guy needs time to readjust, particularly when chances of testing are so limited.

Posted by VerM on 21/04/2010

Michael is a team builder. He is very dedicated and hard working towards achieving success. Ferrari last won Constructor Championship in 1983 before Schumacher stepped in and helped Ferrari securing their 1999 CC and later in 2000 their DC (which was last won in 1979). Michael is not a racing driver who simply drives the car and expect it to be fast. He shaped the working environment around him in order to produce a championship winning car. He's challenge now at Mercedes is to build a strong team and a strong car for him to drive. Given the limited amount of pre-season testing and in-season testing ban, he has no choice but to endure driving a car not his liking. I personally think Michael will show his true performance when he gets what he want... a car that suits him best...

Posted by Tomas Mika on 21/04/2010

Comments from people outside a sport, no matter which one, never seize to amaze me. It is a very specific thing to move an F1 car at the limit, it has always been.

MICHAEL was always special in getting everything together, his sensational feeling for the car, his instinct for the moment, his race aggression, his pure pace, his technical understanding, his fitness and so on. To sum it up, he always had everything, and if his competitors lacked just a bit somewhere they were beaten.

It is totally untrue that he had a superior car most of the time, maybe he had it 2 or 3 times, but many guys had that. I remember a Paris cart masters in his early days at FERRARI where he had to compete in an identical package with fresh cart champions and some fellow F1 drivers. He was THE ONLY ONE able to pass several carts in those races and a supreme overall winner. That said as much about him as some F1 wins.

MICHAEL will soon be back to his best, even if this season will arguably be his hardest....

Posted by Adam on 21/04/2010

A bit different topic about Schumi's performance!

What do you think, is it possible to have a big step forward for Schumi, when a new tire war will begin in next year?

Even if people don't want to see again a big war like in the past years, when the Japan and French tire supporters put a lot of money for introducing better tires.

Posted by Attila Nogradi on 21/04/2010

Michael is constantly "used" by Mercedes to develop the car with extreme precision. That is what he was contracted for in the first period? It seems that Nico takes the advantage but where could he be without Michael? Let us see what happens with the more "comfortable B car" suiting for Michael.

Another comment:
Dear Bernie (Ecclestone),
Have you seen the last four races?
If Hamilton is agressive it is O.K.
But please tell to the other guys that it is allowed to push anybody to the bush. Without punishment.

Posted by Shaking my head on 21/04/2010

Riza, For god's sake, irrespective of the "quote" (not actually a quote, just words from the author) being "A legend no longer, just another car to be passed", OR "A legend no longer in a recent champion's eyes, just another car to be passed", the point that numerous others have made is THAT IS NOT WHAT HAMILTON SAID, it is the interpretation of the author from the words that Hamilton said "It's just as exciting as racing with any other driver,".
Pray tell, what part of this do you not understand? Your last post suggests you still do not get that the "quote" you speak about are the words of the author and not Hamilton. Sheesh.

Anyhow, Hamilton is fast and daring and sometimes does mouth off a bit much. And Schumi is not showing much of anything so far, but with time, he will get better (I think).

Posted by Martin on 21/04/2010

It makes me laugh that so many claim it's the car when Rosberg has had such great success in it so far, or that Schumacher hasn't had the benefit of getting used to the changes like other drivers.
Get real people, Petrov hasn't had the benefit of driving ANY F1 car previously, and he finished 3 places ahead of Schumacher in a slower Renault.
Just face up to it, without the benefit of No.1 status, inferior team mates and biased FIA decisions we are now seeing Schumacher's true ability !

Posted by gsprings on 21/04/2010

if people don't like what hamilton said,they should see what some of those european papers are saying about shumacher

Posted by Dave on 21/04/2010

Bottom line:
1. Schumi needs time to adapt
2. He is not in a Ferrari or top car.
3. Hamilton is good but only because he has always had a "good" car. Try switching with Schumi and then see how good both are.
4. Schumi has nothing to prove....he already did this years ago, now its pleasure.


Posted by ore2 on 21/04/2010

Well I do agree the color scheme for Mercedes GP is not as good as Mclaren and Ferrari, that Patronas green is lackluster and annoying even.

Beside that, I am sure MS is down after China, because he has expectation of his own just being a returning 7 times WDC and a racing driver. We all know how bad press can be...it has great destructive power.

Everyone right now is reacting to the media pressure rather being realistic.

I agree he is a very good technically with developing the car - and Nico is probably the main benefactor.

Didn't Ross, Michael, Nick Fry, all said that it is all according to plan...

Yes, MS is frustrated, probably with the criticism from the press, and comments from spoil brat and "bitter" former team mate.

May be not this year - I hope Ross give MS a better race machine next year. Unless the team can match Mclaren technical prowess shown last year.

Or may be, Mercedes needs to inject some new technical talents into the team.

Posted by RIiza on 21/04/2010

LOL, despite the "quotes", ok maybe I read it too fast and misinterpreted it at the 1st time I read it, it was about 3am at my place when this blog just published, maybe I was one of the 1st whom read it, that's why my comment is on top, but now the meaning is different after it was edited and added "in a recent champion's eyes", even the title has changed, it was the dream starts coming true, now it's the dream start turning sour.

But does it make any different? He did lie didn't he? lol, I never said he was slow, he is fast, but if he wants to be considered among the best, then grow up and watch his mouth otherwise he's ruining his reputations himself, what's wrong with that?

Eg: 1. A school boy whom cheated in his test doesn't mean he's a liar, he cheated? yes (if it can be proven), he lied? No! 2. If he ate his lunch and then his mom asked him "did you eat your lunch?" and he answered "no" then he lied, am I right? that's why there's a big different between cheating and lying

Posted by Gogglesp on 21/04/2010

lets see, very little preseason testing, new tires, new car, a few years off - gee do you think Schu might be a little off the pace to start? I've seen this man do things in a car very few are capable of - seen anyone hang the rear end out in an F1 car lap after lap lately? The biggest thing Schumi is lacking is seat time in the new car. It'll come. The Ferrari was a piece of p00 with wheels when he first got there and he carried it on his back to several victories before the team improved the car enough to make it a contender. He hasn't lost it, just needs to hone the edge of the blade.

Posted by Luie on 21/04/2010

At the end of the day is pretty early to judge, I dont get why people are moaning and expecting so highly of him considering he was out the sport for 3 years! Even the past F1 legends have said give they guy time to adopt and familiarise the cars we have now! It is evident that the influence of rules have a big impact on way the car currently behaves compared to what it was 3-5 years ago. I am sure he will show his strenghts half way through the season.

Posted by the american tifoso on 21/04/2010

This is such a non-story. Want to talk about something? How about Mr. E supporting Hamilton for some really questionable moves lately. Had it been Schu, the calls would be going out for his being banned for life from the sport (just like Flavio, right?) Oh, I forgot, it's a SHOW, not a sport. Welcome to the beginning of NASCAR Europe. Schu will be fine, and the improvement that is sure to come will only add to his legend.

Posted by Howard on 21/04/2010

Usually I read these comments, steam a little and then move on but I just had to comment. I wish people would be a little more objective and not let prejudices and loyalty cloud their judgment. Fact: Lewis did not say Shumi was no longer a legend. He said passing him was as exciting as any other driver. He is being nice. Fact: Shumi has yet to adjust and so is not as quick. He got passed by Petrov for christ sakes. Are you all going to tell me you think the Renault is a better car than the Mercedes.

Fact: Lewis Hamilton is one of the best drives in a field of elite drivers (Vettel, Alonso, Nico, Shumi). For those of you who keep saying its because he has the best car...So did Shumi for most if not all of his Championship wins. You guys conveniently forget that Hamilton was partnered with Alonso his Rookie year at which point he beat Alonso soundly in an identical car. Anyone dear to tell me that Alonso isn't one of the best...ever. What does Lewis have to do to get respect?

Posted by Arne Wiik on 21/04/2010

For me, Schumi will always be the Greates Ever!
I`m very thankful for all the excitement and supperior driving he have give to the sport.

Hamilton will soon releaze that when the history book of F1 is written, there will be much more pages for Schumi then himself.

Greatings from Norway.

Posted by Chris on 21/04/2010

Why all the dissing of Lewis. He didn't show any disrespect to Schumi at all. His achievements in his first two years were phenomenal - a rookie taking on and beating a world champion in the same car. Yet I don't hear people moaning that Alonso is past it.

Lewis is a formidable driver and IMHO will be a great. He has made mistakes but come on, Schumi has broken more rules than anyone as well as, arguably, deliberately crashing twice - ask Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve.

And I'm not dissing Schumi either, I recognise he is one of the most talented drivers ever despite not being a fan, and he's not over the hill either. He effectively a rookie again who has to settle into a very different car in a new team. So give both Lewis and Michael a break!

Posted by coreyray76 on 22/04/2010

just a comment on the sport as a whole, i understand the need to cut costs, but I believe that the testing ban not only is bad for schumacher, but bad for the sport as whole. the teams, especially the new teams, suffer greatly from the inability to test. yes some teams have a super budget, but that is formula one, if you can build a better mousetrap than build one. teams have always had varying budgets, the low budget teams have always been the grooming grounds of talent(Schumacher-Jordan, Alonso-Minardi, Vettel-STR, Raikkonen-Sauber). so, why not let them test, it will only allow the top teams to get faster, and the slower teams/drivers the chance to improve.

Posted by HD on 22/04/2010

Let's not forget that this same MS has more
chanpionships,pole positions,race wins on his belt than all the other drivers in the field combine.

Posted by zoom163 on 22/04/2010

Well, F1 been F1 and these drivers are amount the best in the world. Everything now been "almost" equal and the split time is within 1 sec for the top 10 drivers. So, with minor errors it could be catastrophe. Let's give MSC sometime to customize to his new F1 car & the tyer format. MSC has shared lots of valuable information about the car where the team is regularly trying to improve it.

As for LH, I have to agree that liars in F1 have lost my respect despite excellet driving skills. Tracking back what LH has done (causing accident in Japan F1, bang wheels to pass, blame the team if he is not doing well, waving in/out, benefited from stolen info from Ferrari breaking system and telling lies and claim that he is just following order from the boss). These are just tip of the iceberg and I am sure F1 fans know what is going on.

Let's hope for a safe & fun F1 races. May the best driver wins with pride & honor.

Happy F1

Posted by PJ on 22/04/2010

It seems to me there are a lot of armchair critics who don't have a competitive spirit at all... it doesn't matter what the sport is, the person next to you is just another competitor. They're not special. They're not a legend. In motor racing... that person is just in another car. And competitors get a buz about competing with anybody. As soon as you realize that, Shumi is just another competitor and that it'd be 'just as exciting' to race against him as it would be anyone else. Competitors are out there to compete, not put others on pedastools! If they did put others on pedastools they'd most likely psyche themselves out of being competitive and under perform. In that context, there's nought wrong, derisive, disrespectul about LH's comments. Equally, imo, it's great to see Schumi struggle [I'm sure only temp] because it'll make him a more combative a driver [when he's got his touch back] than perhaps he'd otherwise be if he'd just hopped into a title winning car.

Posted by Grant on 22/04/2010

Come on Louise, you are just a cry baby anyway!!!You get way too much attention for a small fry who had a fluke, flash in the pan champoinship win!! How dare you talk about Shummy like that -- a legend in his own time. "Hamilton", somehow it doesn't have that ring of "legend" does it? Lewis, you compared yourself with the real legend of Aryton Senna once....what were you thinking?, you're still wet behind the ears mate.....Focus on Button, he is your real challenger....leave Schummy alone, because he will be back to bite you kid!

Posted by JOnas on 22/04/2010

Im a Schumi follower but not a big fan. I observe hamilton, but not a fan either. The point of the blog is:
1. Schumi is the topic and about his performance.
2. not hamilton

there are many points of view that we can all look at. but looking at a non-biased approach plus analysis, schumi did a superb job during the previous race where he stopped more than anyone else and scored. but it was overshadowed. he still has the talent. consistency is there where he is right now. and so does nico. but what others dont see is his consistent lap times, consistent place in the top 10 and him being on the same tenth of a second off nico's pace. look at the times he first sat on the car and compare it to nico (who has the same car). maybe others are not that keen observers where nico had reached his max pace(nothing agains nico since he is getting the max pace of the car), and schumi got closer to him that fast. its no longer the pace. its the strategy and data that will help schumi.hes almstder

Posted by Muti ur Rahman on 22/04/2010

As a layman i could find out tht there is a fault with the car. And i would also like to bring this to the attention of the people that Michael's engineer is not capable of understanding the driver and the car which is under-performing for the past 2 races. If rosberg is doing gud with that mercedes is only bcoz of his engineers who have given him a well set car to work with. i think, since ross brawn brought Michael to mercedes and being the head of the team shld take responsibility to give Michael gud engineers who can provide him a well balanced car without any problems. now ross brawn and the team has very clear picture that they have to improve the pace and balance of michael's car immediately, to see him performing.

Posted by F1Fan on 22/04/2010

Just Give Schumi sometime!! He was out of competitive racing (4 wheel machines) for a long time.

However Big/Talented he is, he still need sometime to adapt to the new machinery. So, just lets wait and enjoy the show.

I am sure we will have a magnificent performance from him, in near future. (At least i hope so).

Posted by Kastriot on 22/04/2010

If it'd happen to me to meet with Lewis, I'd have only a question to ask him: 'Would you like to become like Schumacher?!' If he wants to, then he has to try! Whether he can succeed or not, that it is to bee seen!

Regards, from Albania.

Posted by Peter on 22/04/2010

I learnt to survive in the cut and thrust world of very low level, very high speed military combat flying. It is similar to car racing with the major difference being that if you 'lose' you die. There is no podium of accolade if you win. To succeed, you had to be very aggressive and totally confident in your own ability. If a kill could be achieved by say sneaking out of the sun, suddenly slowing down with air brakes or other 'ungentlemanly' behaviour then so be it.

Formula One is a highly competitive high speed sport and to win you must have the same qualities we all love to hate when it comes to the surface - aggression, arrogance and the will to win regardless. Remember also that it is these qualities that make the sport so compelling to watch.

Posted by dville on 22/04/2010

If I remember, Schumi did something outside of Ferrari - won two titles with Benetton! Hamilton also needs to remember if Senna was the same age as today's drivers and racing today he would have chewed them all up and spat them right out. Today's drivers are nothing compared to the legends of the sport.

Posted by eurit35 on 22/04/2010

I really don't get it why are most people here expecting that schu should be given special attention or respect? 2010 season is not about him, but competition. If he cannot compete the others, he should admit it and be fair to his fans and his team and quit! Why should Petrov take care when passing him? Or why should Hamilton talk about him with any form or respect? Schu returned to F1 as volunteer and he has to accept the possibility that he may not be the best... The car not OK? For God's sake, we are talking about 2009 championship-winning car! With his team-mate now 2nd in the standings! Why look for the excuses? As some of you mentioned before: no more Ferrari with backing of FIA and Mosley, with secret electronic tricks by Brawn and Todt, no more Barrichello-type contract and here you have: the REAL schu! Why argue about Hamilton's driving style without mentioning schu's weaving after almost each start and crashing into others on so many occasions? Be real to admit: HE IS OVER

Posted by ArchStanton on 22/04/2010

It's probably been stated above, but I believe it'll take Schu time to get adjusted to racing again. No matter his skill, the time away will require time back in the saddle to be competitive again. It may take even him most of the season.

Posted by ArchStanton on 22/04/2010

It's probably been stated above, but I believe it'll take Schu time to get adjusted to racing again. No matter his skill, the time away will require time back in the saddle to be competitive again. It may take even him most of the season.

Posted by ArchStanton on 22/04/2010

It's probably been stated above, but I believe it'll take Schu time to get adjusted to racing again. No matter his skill, the time away will require time back in the saddle to be competitive again. It may take even him most of the season.

Posted by Antoine on 22/04/2010

Its dissapointing to see that people fans, critics etc are not giving him the time of day.. This is Michael Shcumacher we are talking about not any knob jockey comming off the street.. In both renault & ferrari it took him a few years to get the car running at optimum race pace.. I have total faith that he will do it again... Sorry dude the comment "HE IS OVER"" I reckon its just the beginning for the older more mature schuey to show these younger guys how to drive.. And even with the slight chance that my predication is wrong at least show the guy the respect he deserves.. "Long Live Shcuey"

Posted by ore on 22/04/2010

People who don't like MS will talk trash all day, and so does people who hate LH.

Racing will involve banging wheels, it happens, and more so in other types of motor sports than F1, because F1 cars are more delicate, and the speed is much too fast, and no ones wants driver or marshals, or spectators to get killed if there is an accident.

By the way, MS has 7 WDC, and except for 3 times where he won by a big margin, there was always other drivers that could have challenged him.
People keeps forgetting that when your car is crap you will go no where, just look at Lewis in the first part of 2009.
Jenson is a great driver, and he is a great WDC as well, he struggled for a long time as a back marker when Honda F1 was giving him a lousy car.

So just enjoy the competition, and the racing drama on track, and leave this armchair bitching about MS or LH or anyone else out.

Posted by Howard on 22/04/2010

Here we go.. it's the Engineer's fault. Really Muti? The man is 41 years old and been out of racing for 3 yrs. The fact that he is consistently top 10 should be commended. We expect to much because the man is a living legend. He is however HUMAN. Limitations apply.

Zoom which sport have you been watching. "win with pride and honor"?.

Ask Damon Hill 1994 when Shumi took him out so he could retain his single point championship.
Ask Alonso 2006 when Shumi prevented him from completing his quali lap with his "mistake".
Mclaren didn't include the tech from the Ferrari leak and if you remember, Alonso was apart of the same team.
2007 Alonso deliberately blocked Hamilton in the pits so he would not better his quali time.
2009 Alonso wins due to Pique's crash. Oh biut wait Alonso knew nothing about that...right. If you believe that then I have bridge to sell you.

This is no gentle man's sport. This is a highly competitive brawl been 12 teams of couple hundred type A personalities

Posted by Ascari on 22/04/2010

It's funny that this turned into a slating of Hamilton, personally I prefer Button but hamilton despite some of his naughtier moments and a fast mclaren is still a truly brilliant racer. He didn't have the best car last year but still had some brilliant races. I hope that it's a close fight to the end with Button and Hamilton at the top (being british)and Vettel close behind. As for Schumacher maybe he will catch up but I hope not because being having been born in '84 he made formula 1 become boring winning all the time. Also before people call Hamilton a liar I think they should take a full look at F1 politics. So many of the best racers did anything to win.

Posted by Kim on 23/04/2010

Ok Michael is not a 7 time champion for no reason, with more than one team. He has a new car with different set ups, give him and the team time to work out the kinks. It's wonderful just to see him back in the sport and enjoying what he's doing, he has nothing to prove to anyone other than himself. Hamilton and Button need to be sponsored by Tampax!!! They cry about everything, let alone the more radical driving on Hamiltons part this year. It is obvious that Hamilton is trying anything and everything to out drive everyone, even driving down the side of pit lane, driving over hoses, thank goodness no-one was standing there, he would have taken them out also. But Hamilton stated he thought that was ok. Whatever, re-read the pit lane rules dude. Maybe if your pussycat doll girlfriend sang the rules to you,you would understand. You go Schummi. P.S. Michael has every right to defend he place for position, and Michael is not the one who has been warned already this year for weaving

Posted by Carlo Potenciano on 24/04/2010

To hear that from Lewis Hamilton is no surprise. When did he ever show respect to fellow drivers? He would even go to the extent of racing with Vettel even in the pits! It will only be a matter of time until Schumi gets back to his rhythm and becomes the schumi of old!

Posted by priestlysabbath on 26/04/2010

So many comments !!!
This shows that Schumi is a legend, or let me say "was a legend"
More than half of the comments are lined up against one headline "Is Schumi really that great ?"
That said, in my opinion, Schumi was a legend till he decided to make a comeback this year, or at least he had that name. Its a generation gap to what was when he was driving and what is now. The Ferrari durin the "golden period" was technologically the most advanced and the best car. My granny could have driven that car to a WDC. Now, the cars are very closely matched (for this although I hate to say it, I need to thank Max Mosely). With cars quite closely matched, it comes down to driver talent, and here Schumi's true talent is seen.
Before he makes a complete fool of himself, he should say "the neck pain came back" and get out quietly.

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