March 15, 2013

Mercedes' turd driver

Roscoe ... Formula One's new charmer © Twitter

As far as I’m concerned, the 2013 rookie of the year title has already been awarded. And while you – and the rest of the world – might think that Valtteri Bottas is a shoe-in, I’m of a different mind.

Nope, in my less-than-humble opinion, the 2013 Rookie of the Year is none other than Roscoe Hamilton, that four-legged charmer in possession of a paddock pass. Roscoe might not spend any time behind the wheel of a current F1 car (but can you imagine the Twitpics?), but no matter. He’s an F1 newbie, and he’s managed to do what few humans achieve: he has charmed the socks off one Bernard Charles Ecclestone.

If that’s not reason enough to consider the DJing bulldog Rookie of the Year, then I don’t know what is.

Sebastian Vettel had better watch out – where the Red Bull star spent much of the 2012 season having cosy dinners-a-trois with Ecclestone and Christian Horner, Roscoe has gone one step further. Vettel might have been taken under Bernie’s wing, but the newest addition to the Hamilton family can claim the F1 boss for a personal guardian.

“I am a huge fan of bulldogs,” Ecclestone said. “I have told [Lewis] that I would also be happy giving the dog a pass for the grid. And I will be happy to look after the dog while he is racing.”

But Bernie might live to regret that offer… According to Lewis, Roscoe has yet to be house-trained, and the odds of the photogenic puppy leaving a scented souvenir or two behind in the F1 supremo’s motorhome are pretty high.

Rookie of the Year? Scratch that. Roscoe’s a shoe-in for Dookie of the Year.


Posted by Dave on 16/03/2013

I'm not really a Hamilton fan, but if his dog left a turd in Bernie's motorhome that would force me to change my mind. If he did it on Bernie's lap instead, I would even go as far as loading my iPad full of Nicole Scherzinger's autotuned screechings.

Posted by Kate Walker on 15/03/2013

@Brian As someone who grew up with basset hounds, may I say you're a man of excellent taste. I love the idea of a basset called Ground Effects - I've been saying for ages that they're just like F1 cars, only a little bit slower...

Posted by jimmy on 15/03/2013

I still think Vettel cheats. Redbull doesn't seem to try and ends up on top. Somehow they are getting away with something! We shall see when the crappy turbos come next year. Glorified indy cars then!Boooooo!

Posted by Brian on 15/03/2013

Love, love, love dogs. Once knew a Basset Hound back in the 80's at the race tracks in Canada named Ground Effects. Great way to relax a driver and gives someone non-judgmental to talk to after a day of talking to judgmental people of the press or reading judgmental tweets.

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